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Timeless Traditions

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Our Brand

Panache-Tes is a fashion house that believes in bringing elegance to its customers’ lives with gorgeous bespoke designs. We aim to bring the heritage of India to the United States with our breath-taking, cultural collection of designs right from the authentic Indian markets. Every single element of the designer collection you find at Panache-Tes brings out the ethnicity and elegance you look for in an attire.

Timeless designs by expert artisans

Created with love, care, and finesse, the collection at Panache-Tes weaves a story of India in its creation. We, at Panache-Tes, create a world of fashion with exclusive collection of luxury wear, everyday wear, and special occasion wear.

We believe in providing garments that are elegant, timeless, and speak a different language.

We are committed to our customers

The clothes we sell at Panache-Tes represent the colorful culture and delicate work done by the artisans. The detailed designs will make you feel beautiful from within and will look lively on you. Getting the best of fashion to our customers is our primary motto. The fashionable clothes we sell our designed meticulously with thought and skill. Adorn yourself with our custom tailored clothes representing India’s culture and walk with pride.